About CRD

I am Chrissie Rhodes-Dennis, I trained to become a counsellor when I suffered a fall from a horse and was uncertain that I would ride again. Since I spent twenty years as a freelance riding instructor and trained misunderstood horses, coaching them through their fears and pitfalls to give them the opportunity to find their path in life to a happier place, I figured counselling was not so different to that – only humans talk! I have since fully recovered and still ride but counselling allows me to shelter from the elements while I work, which works wonders on the physical wear and tear that my equine occupation provided me with! The two things can tie in, I can offer Equine Therapy sessions to those that may feel this is something that they want to explore. For those that want face to face sessions, I have counselling room located in Harold Wood, I can also offer zoom and telephone counselling sessions.

I work with all age groups, although my initial passion for working with Children and Young People has led to work therapeutically with schools across Havering. I work with all ages in private practice and have experience working with all types of life problems and difficulties.
I am a qualified integrative counsellor working with adults, children and adolescents. Counselling can provide a safe, confidential, accepting space to talk over things. There may be specific things to discuss with the intention of accepting a situation or how to change current emotional responses. Unresolved past issues can play their part in a feeling stuck in situations; resolution could help to move life forwards again.

I believe that counselling offers a journey of discovery to reach positive change. This is paramount when working with clients that are reaching out for a space to talk over challenges.  I understand how unresolved past issues can play their part in a feeling of stuck sensation; resolution could help to move life forwards again. I provide a counselling experience that will offer a journey of discovery to reach positive change. Regular sessions will embrace reaching full potential and thinking forwards to the future, while exploring past and present.

Holistically we can work to explore and reach an understanding towards past events, becoming aware of this reduces how it impacts on the here and now. As things slot into place, forward movements in life can place you right where you would like to be. You may develop strength and feel more authentic as a person. I work to bring about self-compassion, self-awareness, acceptance and helpful ways of thinking and being, this all contributes to living a more enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding life.

I am a full member of the British Association of Counselling and Therapy (BACP) and I am listed on the BACP Register which is a public record of counsellors and psychotherapists who meet certain quality standards which include training, supervision, continuing professional development and a contractual commitment to the BACP Ethical Framework.