How it works

Starting counselling can feel sensitive, it is a decision which is often reached delicately. For this reason, a counselling assessment within the first session can be a way of introducing yourself to the therapeutic process and will assist me to assess of your circumstances.

Assessment goals include:

To discuss confidentiality and the importance of how the space we work in provides safety and respect.
The opportunity to consider and substantiate what difficulties you may face in your life.
To understand your expectations of counselling session and explore the authenticity of can be resolved during our time working together.

The assessment is carried out in the same setting as future counselling sessions and the space is an empathic, safe and non-judgemental environment where confidentiality is respected.

If, at the end of the session, we make the decision to work together a mutually agreed day and time is arranged for future sessions. These will be arranged for the same day and time each week, unless otherwise agreed. The consistency of the sessions and the commitment for towards self-development and growth is pivotal, and the reason why weekly therapy sessions is the usual agreed way to work.