Personal Counselling

Personal counselling sessions can be face to face, over zoom or over the telephone.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling sessions are offered face to face within the counselling room at Harold Wood.

Child and Young person (CYP) counselling

Child and Young person (CYP) counselling sessions are held face to face. The counselling room is fully equipped for play therapy.

Family Counselling

I offer family counselling, the room has seating for four people (including me). I feel very passionately about supporting families that are waiting for CAHMS appointments. I have personal experience of having a social, emotional and mental health needs child and experiencing the process (fourteen years ago) encourages me to offer this service. Having insight into how to manage difficult behaviour and having an understanding of the stress and emotional hopelessness that this situation can bring through the process, has proven beneficial to others. These sessions are 6 sessions using behavioural interventions and signposting areas of support, with emotional support and practical ways of managing family life.


Personal Counselling (aged 18 and above) £50
Personal Counselling Children and Young people (5-18) £45
Couples Counselling £75
Family Counselling 8 sessions – £440 (can be paid weekly)